Abby is one of the warmest people I’ve met, the birth of my baby wouldn’t have been marvelous without her intuitive support. It was essential to have her, she helped me to ease the pain, feel strong during my hypnobirth and stick to the birth plan. She is gifted and has a special connection with female magic.
— V.C.
After months of suffering from chronic lower back pain and feeling completely discouraged, I sought my first reiki treatment with Abby.
She immediately put me at ease, and the entire experience was extremely positive and calming.
Shortly after, my lower back pain began to subside, and approximately 7 months later I can happily say the pain has stayed away!
— Jaime
I asked Abby to do a distance Reiki healing on an injury. Later that day, Abby contacted me to let me know she would be starting the session. Minutes later, I felt a soft relief in the injured area. Prior to this session, I was unsure if distance healing would work for me but this experience made me a believer. I have also received in-person reiki from Abby and found the experience to be incredibly relaxing and soothing. Abby is professional, kind, and warm. I highly recommend her!
— Alice